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Обновление сервера ReMastered|public server

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Обновление сервера от 30,01,2020

1)ReHLDS, Reverse-engineered HLDS --->

SV_ConnectClient: Move function Steam_NotifyClientDisconnect

2)Reunion - Эмулятор + мультипротокол

Reunion -- >>Reunion

  • Расширено API.
  • Добавлены некоторые безопасные проверки.

3) AuthEmu -  Эмулятор для GSClient (testing)

модуль для ReHLDS, который предназначен для общения по своему протоколу с GSClient.

  • aemu_hostport "57020" // порт udp для общения клиент-сервер
  • aemu_reject_outdated_proto "49" // протокол клиента 


  • aemuinfo <name or #userid> - посмотреть подробную информацию по gs игроку.
  • aemulist - посмотреть список gs игроков.



#  Name                         Userid   Time     IP                                Authemu
1  GSClient                      2           01:32    yes


aemuinfo GSClient



Client info:
  Build: 8458 (C8F17AA) (14:13:56 Dec 21 2019) -
  Steam: No
  Beta:  No
  UID:   4206b45a64

Screen info:
  1920x1080 (Desktop)
  800x600 (Game)

OS info:
  Type 20
  Name: Windows 10
  Build 18362
  Major 10
  Minor 0


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Обновление сервера от 7,02,2020

1)Reapi --->

Add m_flBaseDamage member

  • Features: add m_flBaseDamage

Add m_M4A1_flBaseDamageSil, m_USP_flBaseDamageSil and m_Famas_flBaseDamageBurst members

Merge pull request #129 from Vaqtincha/tmppatch-1

  • fix typo

Fix typo
Little typo fix for var_fuser*, that are float instead of int.

Implemented hook CBasePlayer::HintMessageEx.  Closes #133

  • Add native rg_hint_message
  • Add news CBasePlayer members
  • Bump minor version API

GCC support and fixed warnings
get_member_game: support string
#134 rh_get_mapname fixed incorrectly get length argument
Update README.md


Fix SetHookChainArg crash due to incorrect pointer to argument (hookctx_t gets the original function as the base address of the arguments, some compilers do UB and so for this reason hookctx_t has been reworked and now uses tuple).

  • Update reapi.inc - added ATYPE_BOOL and ATYPE_EVARS types
  • Compiler: added option flag -static-libstdc++

Add native rh_client_drop
Fix another crash due AMXX_Assert function.
Added more information about error
Some fixes
Fix duplicate errors

Remove debug print


Implement RG_CBasePlayer_UseEmpty hook
Add rg_initialize_player_counts native
Add native rg_check_win_conditions
Add rg_restart_round native
Fix bug with change team if player is die Closes #142

  • Fix bug with change team if player is die #142
  • Add check_win_conditions argument to rg_set_user_team

Update regamedll API sdk

  • Update cssdk & minor refactoring
  • Added safe checks CGameRules/CCSEntity version interface (for future safe migrate)

Update reapi_gamedll_const.inc: Fixes description about argument ppmove
Rework hookchain RG_PM_Move

Fix set_pmove/get_pmove natives. Related #119

Re-configured publish.gradle


Implement RG_CBasePlayerWeapon_CanDeploy & CBasePlayerWeapon_DefaultDeploy hooks

  • Implement RG_CBasePlayerWeapon_CanDeploy & CBasePlayerWeapon_DefaultDeploy hooks
  • Implement RG_CBasePlayerWeapon_DefaultReload hook
  • ImplementRG_ CBasePlayerWeapon_DefaultShotgunReload hook

Implement RG_CBasePlayer_DropIdlePlayer hook (#148)
* Implement RG_CBasePlayer_DropIdlePlayer hook

added missed offsets

Add API to set if player can hear another player (#158)

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Обновление сервера от 8,02,2020

1)ReGameDLL_CS, Reverse-engineered mod CS

Обновлено до


build.gradle: Fix missing brace

Fixed some compiler warnings

  • Fixed a appversion.sh when the path may contain spaces

2)Рефакторинг кода 





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Обновление сервера от 14,03,2020

1)ReGameDLL_CS, Reverse-engineered mod CS --->


Update badge and links
Fix for CVars mp_scoreboard_showhealth/mp_scoreboard_showmoney 

2)AMX Mod X 1.9.0 

1.9.0 5241 ---> 1.9.0 5263

Fix new lines with TextMsg and SayText (side-effect of #763) (#778)
Fix newlines for TextMsg
Fix newlines for SayText
Adjust comments
Replace hardcoded detination value with HUD_* constants
Make sure only official mods can use format string
Fix typos
Split condition for readability
CS only: Fix newlines in TextMsg and with print_center

3)Rank System

v3.1: improved MySQL saving ---> v3.9: replaced "HUDINFO_ALIVE_ONLY" with "HUDINFO_VISIBILITY"

Fixed MySQL saving/loading problems and errors.
Added "death" keyword for use in the [XP Rewards] section.

Fixed the problem with the native crxranks_give_user_xp, where the source is wrongly placed and the MINIMUM_PLAYERS setting from the configuration file is ignore when it's not supposed to.
Imrpoved player suicide detection.
Added a message when you die and the NOTIFY_ON_KILL setting is active.

Added command /hudinfo that lets players enable/disable the HUD information.
Added native crxranks_has_user_hudinfo that checks whether a player has their HUD information enabled or disabled.

Added a new setting HUDINFO_POSITION_DEAD that allows you to specify a different HUD position for dead players.
If the setting is empty or not found in the configuration file, the same position will be used for both dead and alive players.

MySQL optimization.
Added a new setting SAVE_INTERVAL that allows you to enable additional periods when the XP is saved, rather than it happening only when the player disconnects. Now you can do it when the player dies, in the end of the round or every time when the XP amount is modified. The goal of this setting is to prevent XP loss in servers that have a tendency to crash.
Added 2 new XP Rewards: team_win and team_lose that are called when you win a round and lose a round, respectively.

In order to update from the previous version, you need to update the .sma file and add the following lines in the [Settings] section of the configuration file:

# When to save the XP?
# It's best to leave this setting on 0 if your server isn't experiencing any problems (crashes) that prevent it from saving XP.
# 0 = on disconnect (best for servers that never crash)
# 1 = on disconnect + on death (good for servers that crash occasionally and you want to save the XP for at least the current life)
# 2 = on disconnect + on round end (good for servers that crash occasionally and you want to save the XP for at least the current round)
# 3 = every time the player's XP is changed (guarantees that XP will never be lost, but may be laggy if players receive XP very often)

Added 4 new XP Rewards: team_win_ct, team_win_t, team_lose_ct и team_lose_t.
Added a new native: crxranks_xp_reward_is_set

Greatly optimized the way name changing is being handled. Thanks to Bugsy and this thread.
This small update features changes only in crx_ranksystem.sma.

The setting HUDINFO_ALIVE_ONLY has been changed with HUDINFO_VISIBILITY that has more options than the previous one:


# Who and when is able to see the HUD information.
#     0 = all players at all time
#     1 = only alive players
#     2 = only dead players
#     3 = dead players + alive players during freeze time

The old setting name is still active, but I suggest that you change it with the new one and update the description in the file.
Aside from the change above, the update features changes only in crx_ranksystem.sma.


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Обновление сервера от 24.03.2020

1)ReHLDS --->

Add extra checks to validate WAD3 MIP-Header. (#755)

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