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Обновление сервера ReMastered|public server

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Обновление от 13.10.19

ReGameDLL_CS, Reverse-engineered mod CS -->

Refactoring (#418)

  • unused cheat impulses.
  • nadedrop fixes
  • close equipmenu (VGUIMenus) when the player left the purchase area
  • disable flashlight on kill
  • don't handle cmd "become_vip" if map not have scenario assassination VIP.
  • unreachable code item_thighpack
  • remove "gEvilImpulse101"
  • remove "giPrecacheGrunt"
  • remove unused entitys (from hl)
  • weapon HUD fixes
  • don't remove level(map) item_thighpack
  • hostage "far use" fix
  • reset player basevelocity on spawn
  • code style fix

StatusText: Don't show hp on ffa mode (#431)

  • StatusText: Don't show hp on ffa mode
  • same fixes for new features (scoreboard show money/health)

2) Серверные изменения

sv_minupdaterate 30 ---> sv_minupdaterate 20

sys_ticrate 1200 ----> sys_ticrate 1100

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