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  1. Обновление от 20,05,2020 1) ReHLDS, Reverse-engineered HLDS Обновлено до Изменения: Implement svc_exec support in the engine and HLTV Added svc_exec to the list of svc commands in engine Added svc_exec support to HLTV code Made the engine code forward-compatible with future svc_* additions Added reserved svc_* slots in the enumerations https://github.com/dreamstalker/rehlds/commit/7513e71d3bbd5f0ddb2c95ce0ce423f4ed417d81 Client-side: Fixed a potential vulnerability from bogus tempdecal.wad 2)ReGameDLL_CS, Reverse-engineered mod CS Обновлено до Изменения: Update client.cpp Fix typo comment Fixed format buffer size in UTIL_dtosX functions Add m_bCanShootOverride member Add m_bCanShootOverride member Allow to override m_bCanShoot, for example able to fire at freeze time